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Welcome to the PES-benchmarking

This is a working platform of 23 European Public Employment Services (PES), which have started for several years, with the financial support of the European Commission, to cooperate in a Benchmarking on performance Indicators with the aim of mutual learning.

Supported by WIFO (www.wifo.at) and ÖSB Consulting (www.oesb.at)
the working group has set itself 4 tasks:

  • To draw up a list of selected performance indicators
  • To build a database of the above-mentioned indicators
  • To establish a benchmarking procedure bearing in mind the
    different contexts under which the PES operate
  • To organise an exchange of good practices
During the last years the working group kept on growing; more and more Public Employment Services joined. This website was created to further promote benchmarking and mutual learning, to inform other PES of what we are doing and to encourage the co-operation with other existing structures. We hope to attract some other PES to join too.

All information provided is within the responsibility of every PES involved.